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2020 A Year of Research and Reflection: Intro

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A year ago, when I looked back at 2019 to review what I had accomplished, I reflected on the things that I had made. I was replicating the way that I’ve been taught to approach and understand artists’ work.

Most of the time artist’s work and practices are situated around the objects that our practices produce. In actuality the bulk of my practice lies in intangibles. In my research: the conversation that I have with people, places, materials; the verbal, visual, embodied and material languages that I learn; tools and techniques that I acquaint myself with; the materials that I forage, find and collect; etc.

This year I didn’t produce many “finished works,” and my practice was more vibrant and productive than it has ever been before. I developed a sustainable relationship with my work that is rooted in a rich, ever evolving research practice. As I look back on the year past (2020) and look forward to the years that lie ahead me I am excited to with you a few snapshots of my research and reflections.

Over the nest 12 posts I will be reflecting on how I experienced and was shaped by each month of 2020.

The image here depicts me standing in the doorway of the studio provided by my MFA program. I am wearing leopard print jeans, a sloughy burgundy shirt with chunky knit sweater in muted goldenrod over it. My feet are clad in black leather boots with a fluffy cuff. My head sports a teeny weeny afro. My name is spelled out vertically on a sign next to the door. The door is half open and adorned with a sculpture in progress. Beyond the half open door is a mess of a studio. (Image captured Jan 2, 2020)

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