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28 til 31 Communities : Black Aids Institute

Yesterday I shared my COVID safety practices with the internet. I wrote about disclosure, positive consent, testing, protection, contact tracing and why all of this is important to me. One of the reasons that these practices are important to me inside and outside of COVID is because of the price that we pay for not engaging in these practices. For example HIV and AIDS are still ravaging Black communities (straight people included), LGBTQQ communities and communities that carry both identities. That stats are WILD. These communities continue to be the most impacted. Black people account for almost half of new cases, despite being only 13 percent of the population. Having conversations like the one I discussed can prevent the spread of potentially deadly chronic health conditions.

Black AIDS Institute is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Black community. BAI is the only uniquely and unapologetically Black HIV think and do tank in America. We believe in complete freedom for Black people by eradicating systematic oppression so that we can live long, healthy lives. My friend Maxx Boykins has been doing amazing work as the Policy and Organizing Manager for their national programs.

I am inviting you to support my communities by supporting Maxx’s work at Black Aids Institute. You can learn more about Maxx and Black Aids Institute at the link in my bio.

*For my birthday this year I’m asking you to celebrate with me by supporting my joy, my work and my communities. Each day I’ll be sharing one simple thing that you can do to support me in each of these areas. Visit my blog at the link in my bio to read past posts.

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