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29 til 31 Joy : Tea!

Back in 2016 I got my first salaried job and my first apartment. It was the first living space that was entirely and only mine. In this apartment I began to understand the ways that my days flowed without the interruptions of other people. I settled into morning rituals and bedtime routines that still serve me to this day. Tea is an important part of that.

I like to make a small pot of tea before I go to bed and then again first thing in the morning when I wake up. Tea time is the perfect transitional activity. It is its own meditation. My teapots are all clear glass so I get to watch the leaves slowly relax into the warmth of the water and the colors slowly seep out into the liquid in graceful swirling streaks. It’s something like watching a flower bloom. I get to wait, to sit still with myself until the tea is fully steeped, then again until it’s cool enough to comfortably sip. The heat of the cup in the cradle of my palms is comforting. The shapes and subtleties of the flavors playing my mouth is something else to contemplate and enjoy. I get all of this pleasure from the small moment of pause provided by a simple cup of tea.

So send me a little teas, (loose leaf tisanes please!). Give me a little moment of pleasure at the start and finish of each day. Support my joy.

*For my birthday this year I’m asking you to celebrate with me by supporting my joy, my work and my communities. Each day I’ll be sharing one simple thing that you can do to support me in each of these areas.

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