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29 til 31 Work : tax help + accounting advice

Artists are small businesses.

This is my first year making enough money to have to file taxes.

This is my first year of having the majority of my income come from my studio practice.

This is my first year of having a ridiculously long list of write-offs.

I have an inkling of what to do.

I have a pile of receipts, and pages of carefully kept records.

I need help. If you, or someone you know can walk me through this process that would be AMAZING. I am asking for someone to donate this service to me in-kind or to cover the cost of it for my birthday. It would also be helpful to have recommendations for solid tax people and accountants who have solid experience in filing for self-employed artists!

*For my birthday this year I’m asking you to celebrate with me by supporting my joy, my work and my communities. Each day I’ll be sharing one simple thing that you can do to support me in each of these areas.

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