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My work is a journal, 

an archive 

that maps my journey towards 

a reality where

my body is a safe space for me to live where 

I’m not constantly displaced by structural violence where

I don’t fear the lynchmob  where

generational trauma doesn’t distort my intimate relationships where 

social systems support my needs where

colonization doesn’t determine my access 

to knowledge about my lineages where

I commune freely with my ancestors and spirit guides where 

I don’t translate, explain, make myself legible or digestible 

to be seen as worthy of support and care where

I relax into the expansiveness of my being


My work is fiber based. 

I’m thankful that fiber chose me. I love that we are simultaneously intimately familiar with and obliviously estranged from fiber. Some form of fiber—clothes, bedsheets, towels—is always next to our skin, growing from it even (hello hair!). Despite this intimate relationship we don’t know where it comes from, who makes it, how it’s made. We accept fiber as part of our daily lives without question or curiosity just as we do systems of social violence. Someone makes those too. Systems are accumulations of a set of choices repeatedly chosen by many people over some span of time. Cultures are systems, institutions are systems, communities are systems.  


My works are systems.

I handcraft a thing repeatedly until I have a palette, a visual vocabulary of objects. Within my final compositions, accumulations of objects reads as single entities:

A 60 foot painting (worksample 4,5) is a singular undulating expanse of blue sky. As the viewer moves closer, it shapeshifts before their eyes. Over 700 hand-dyed, hand-embroidered cloth squares come into view, each inviting attention and care.


A sculpted flag (worksample 2) unfurls into an accumulation of 7200+ tiny nooses. In the viewer’s hand the noose transforms into a space for releasing embodied trauma.


My works is an offering

of finger pricked blood sacrifices

of time,




an ancestral channel opened

in service of birthing 

systems where 


we are all well 

and well cared for


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