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Community Projects

Freedom School for Artists

est 2019

The Freedom School for Artists(FSFA) is a popular education space that fosters critical connections between people, information, resources and skills in order to support the cultivation of sustainable professional art careers and practices. This space is maintained for and by networks of artists and cultural workers who identify as queer, trans, Black, indigenous and/or as people of color.  


The core offerings of the FSFA are a crop of popular education spaces centered around sharing knowledge about the background work that goes into developing a sustainable career as an artist and/or cultural worker.  Each popular education space is hosted by a team of 3 - 4 people who can offer their expertise, bring in other knowledgeable people and act as tech support, facilitators, hosts and presenters. Each space is a twelve week long course that meets 2 times a week. 


Informal social gatherings are offered as an opportunity for  people to deepen their relationships with each other.

Baltimore Community Weaving Studio 

est 2021

The Baltimore Community Weaving Studio(BCWS) is an artist-run, community resource that I co-founded earlier this year along with Najee Haynes-Follins. The BCWS is a space where anyone can learn to weave, regardless of their identity or ability to pay. Craft skills like weaving are financially inaccessible due to the high start-up cost of materials and equipment, time intensiveness—time crafting equals time not working for pay– and the intersecting systems of oppression that keep those resources out of reach for many. The BCWS  provides all materials, tools, equipment and instruction to participants at no cost to them. 

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Black Lives Matter DC

est 2015




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